miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about The Flintstones #10

Is the new Mayor fit to rle Bedrock?

Clod's war against the Lizard People continues but the rest of the city is not ready to follow him this time.

Some things worked, others not so much but that's mostly for personal issues.

For one, Mark Russell continues his political satire by implementing several aspects of society but focusing particularly on the government, particularly the leader. As previously stated, Clod is basically Donald Trump and his war against the Lizard People is the racists views the President has against others which is pretty on-point and funny which creates a pretty enjoyable solution for everyone involved towards the end. Is cool that the people themselves realizes that his vision causes more problems than anything.

That being said, WHY THE HELL DID VACUUM CLEANER HAD TO DIE?! Yes, I understand the point about how we value material things over life and we don't realize what we have until is too late but my God, I sincerely wasn't expecting nor I wanted that ending. That poor creature didn't deserve that fate.

Steve Pugh remains in art duties and his work is still beautiful with an expressive style that gets the best from every scene.

R.I.P. Vacuum Cleaner. Good issue aside from that.

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