miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about America #2

America is ready to kick some ass.

Traveling through different dimensions and punching Nazis can't hold America back and things won't be different once that her girlfriend is captured.

Yes people, I bit the bullet and I have nobody else to blame but myself.

I was expecting things to get better once that I heard that Ming Doyle was joining the book but I thought it would be on writing duties and that's the problem since Gabby Rivera sadly remains writing this.

And is pretty evident in every single terrible line from this book.

For one, Rivera makes America sound INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. Every little thing that comes out of her mouth is unnatural, forced and obnoxious, is almost like if Rivera hated the character and is trying to destroy her in this book. Worse of all, we're supposed to find her quips "funny" since one of the characters say "Your jokes are great America!"

No lady, they're not. They're cringey AF. Hell, even when someone says something funny you don't have to say "Your jokes are great!" since that should be evident already!

This pretty much proves how forced the "cool" aspect of America is here, I like the character for God's sake but enough with the fanwankery. Also, Rivera uses the Spanglish aspects of the book even more now by making her say things like "Vivaporu", "Chancleta" and "Caramba". Is not only bad that she's mixing both English and Spanish but also WHAT HISPANIC PERSON USES THOSE WORDS ANYMORE?! ("Caramba" is already a stereotypical word that non-Hispanic people think Hispanic people say all the time).

The only good aspect is Joe Quinones and Ming Doyle's artwork thanks to their expressive and beautiful style.

Other than that, I'm not picking this book again until they change writers. You should do the same.

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