miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about The Flintstones #12

You're leaving Bedrock now.

Gazoo can't help but remember some of the best and worst things that he has learned from humanity but despite of how bad things can be, he still has hope for this race.

Amazingly appropriate ending.

Since the beginning of this series, Mark Russell has redefined the concept of The Flintstones by modernizing the classic social commentary that existed in the classic cartoon and improving it beyond everyone could have imagined by giving it much more depth than ever and this conclusion is not different.

There's a lot of the usual satire that has become a running theme during this series which makes fun of politics, religion and humanity as a whole but still, there's also a lot of hope being injected during all of these aspects even some that were constantly ridiculed by Russell himself like religion and showing how strong faith can be as long as you need it.

Plus, the character development is appreciated with many of the members of the cast receiving resolutions and showing how understandable and likable they can which creates a quite heartwarming finale and farewell.

Steve Pugh delivers another wonderful work in art duties thanks to his strong character models and storytelling that depict the script perfectly.

One of the strongest reads this week, probably the best.

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