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Some thoughts about Swamp Thing #1

The Swamp Thing and the horrors are back.

Alec Holland has been trying to distance himself from the Green but that doesn't mean that his problems are over since a married couple has asked him to save their son.

This is the beginning of a new miniseries focusing on the character of Swamp Thing and is handled by none other than his creator himself, Len Wein. With that in mind, how does the issue fares?

Well, it has its good points and bad points and is mostly centered on how the writing is handled.

For those unfamiliar with Wein's writing, he's an old-school writer, a REALLY old-school writer (he even makes Paul Levitz look modern) and that's obviously reflected into the story. The third person narration in the opening seems pretty dated and out of place at times while the dialogue itself seems a bit overwritten and not leaving much for the imagination.

I must say that I'm not a fan of Wein's voice for Swamp Thing. Yes, he's the creator but I think other writers have done a better job with his personality in other stories (and is necessary to remark that Alan Moore was the one who made the character relevant so Wein is certainly not an authority here).

On the other hand, the plot also has a nice old-school feeling in terms of how the horror elements are handled, it feels like a classic 60's-70's monster comic and that has its own appeal admitedly.

Kelley Jones handles the pencils and is quite adequate for the issue since he's able to depict the terrifying scenes pretty well.

I'm on the fence about this, I suppose that if you feel nostalgic for this kind of works you might like it.

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