miércoles, 13 de enero de 2016

Some thoughts about Superman: American Alien #3

Can Clark Kent try to be someone else?

Clark has suddenly arrived into a yacht fill of people who think that he's Bruce Wayne and if they already think that, why don't follow their game?

This story continues and it still keeps impressing me.

Max Landis delivers a new installment by putting Clark in a different environment, Bruce Wayne's artificial life where everyone wants to be his friend no matter what. I don't know if Landis is playing with the idea that both Clark and Bruce are pretty similar in a physical sense but it seems that way. The characterization is pretty good with the protagonist acting the way he should while the author implements the idea of the dual identity that he will adopt later and gives it a nice justification for it.

Landis even manages to bring a lot of familiar faces including Oliver Queen, Sue Dibny, Vic Zsasz and Barbara Minerva and all of them play a nice role in this issue, especially the last one and promises interesting things for the future. Speaking as a huge Green Arrow fan, it was good to see the old young irresponsible Ollie back.

Joelle Jones handles the artwork here and is pretty good looking with expressive characters and solid storytelling skills.

There's even a little story on the last page focused on Mr. Mxyzptlk and is quite creative in its own way. Jose Villarubia does a solid job in art duties too.

Excellent issue, I swear this series becomes better and better with each new chapter.

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