miércoles, 13 de enero de 2016

Some thoughts about New Suicide Squad #16

The Suicide Squad might not be as useless as they thought.

Vic Sage and Black Manta are ready to take over the team but Amanda Waller is not willing to gave them that sort of control. Now, the whole group will need to realize what they need each other.

God, this feels so pointless.

This WHOLE RUN felt so pointless. Sean Ryan brings the final chapter from his work on this title by remembering us what was wrong with it. The characterization is still quite bad, Deadshot remains useless until the last few pages, Harley was still emo without any sign of progression until the end (no there wasn't any solution to this) and Black Manta is still anger-filled child.

The story is still pretty mediocre, pretty BORING. The team simply defeat both Vic Sage and Manta while the latter tells them exactly how useless they have been during this run. Oh and Bonnie dies, you know, the overweight woman who barely played a role in this series? Yeah I suppose this must be important and shocking.

The art is handled by Philippe Briones and is once again pretty solid with expressive and good looking characters and a decent presentation.

Still, I don't think anyone should be following anything from this run. It was one of the most unremarkable Suicide Squad stories ever and I really hope Tim Seeley gives this title the respect it deserves.

However, I'm going to say this about Ryan: At least he wrote a pretty good Captain Boomerang, that everyman portrayal he got should be kept.

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