miércoles, 20 de enero de 2016

Some thoughts about Ms. Marvel #3

Ms. Marvel's problems are not only supervillains.

A lot of the people from the city are being brainwashed by Hydra and they're using Ms. Marvel's image to sell the idea. Now, Kamala will have to defeat them while at the same time recovering the faith of the people.

Well, this one was good but still sadly followed some obnoxious cliches.

G. Willow Wilson brings a new chapter where she continues the development that has been happening since the relaunch by making Ms. Marvel more popular around the city which instantly backfires once that is discovered that all has been planned by the organization Hydra. The characterization works nicely enough for most of the cast and it was good to see that the author is not following the tiring "protagonist is jealous of his/her best friend's new love interest" and creates a good dynamic between them.

However, the story does follow the tired "the town is against the hero despite of everything he/she has done" cliche which is especially overdone in the Marvel universe. I'm personally not looking forward this particular plot-point.

Takeshi Miyasawa continues to handle the pencils and is still pretty adequate to the title thanks to his expressive characters and manga-inspired style.

Some things worked, others didn't. Still worth checking out I think.

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