miércoles, 20 de enero de 2016

Some thoughts about Superman/Wonder Woman #25

Superman is dying and is up to Wonder Woman  to save him.

After the last battle, Clark has been mortally wounded and now Diana will have to ask for her family of Gods to help him. It won't be easy.

Hey, this was actually a pretty solid issue.

Peter Tomasi brings a new chapter where he explores the pantheon of Gods and it was nice to see some familiar faces like Strife, Hares and Eros and all of them are in character fortunately while presenting some insights based on their personalities.

The issue is mostly focused on Clark though and is quite good in that regard since Tomasi shows some pretty strong character moments for him that show perfectly the kind of person he is.

Doug Mahnke is in charge of the art and his work is still pretty good although seems a bit rushed at times.

Still, this was one of the most entertaining issues in a while. Nice job.

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