miércoles, 20 de enero de 2016

Some thoughts about Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #1

Can Poison Ivy get a new life aside from all the madness?

Pamela has been trying to progress in her career despite that her friend Harley Quinn just wants them to have fun. However, things will get even more complicated once that murders start happening around her.

This issue marks the beginning of a new miniseries focusing on the character of Poison Ivy. I always enjoy when lesser-known characters get the spotlight and this presents a nice opportunity to explore more about her past. How does it fares?

Well, so far I would say is okay.

Amy Chu brings a story where she focuses on Pamela's profession and how much she cares about it which is admitedly a nice change since for the most part she has seen as "Harley Quinn's friend" since the last reboot. Plus, the author manages to give a lot of interesting details about Pamela and her career and all of that seems on-point. I would say that is the most intelligent characterization she has received in a while.

The dynamic between Harley and her seems to be accurate for the most part but at times it seems a bit outdated for Harley since Ivy mentions that she still obsesses about the Joker which is simply not true at this point.

The plot is decent but nothing really impressive, this is mostly a character centered issue and the story is not as prevalent sadly.

Clay Mann handles the artwork and is quite good looking with solid character models and precise storytelling.

Not bad but I hope the next issue brings more surprises.

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