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Some thoughts about Earth 2: Society #8

The wonders will need to get their world back.

Several things have happened since they arrived in this new planet including the lost of faith from their people. Now Green Lantern and the rest of the wonders will need to find who is causing the current situation.

This is something I've been waiting for a long time and I bet that a lot of people feel the same. Daniel H. Wilson's horrid tenure in the book is over and Dan Abnett has taken over. Abnett shouldn't have to do an outstanding job to be better than Wilson but is it good?

Well, so far I would say is okay at the very least.

For one, the execution is much, MUCH better. Despite that the story takes place in different settings, the pacing has certainly improved in comparison to Wilson's work, it feels like a much more cohesive story. The characterization is also competent at the very least with each member of the cast having a nice moment that doesn't feel wrong or out of character.

The direction seems promising enough too with a premise about how the rest of the world doesn't trust their heroes anymore and they will need to regain it. Plus, Alan's current condition as the God of the planet is actually given a nice development and hey, Hawkgirl is actually doing something!

Jorge Jimenez remains in art duties and since he's working in a better crafted script, his work automatically seems much better too. The style is still beautiful but there are less awkward moments.

Solid I would say and is the most promising thing I have read from Earth 2 so is worth checking out.

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