miércoles, 20 de enero de 2016

Some thoughts about Batgirl #47

Batgirl and Spoiler will need to work together once again.

Someone has been stealing info from Barbara and now both Steph and her will have to go into the Gotham Police Department to retrieve it but there might be something bigger going on.

Yep, I'm still enjoying these team-ups.

Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart continue their story where they focus on the different plot-points that they have been creating recently. The dynamic between Babs and Steph is still quite entertaining fortunately with both characters being portrayed on-point and showcasing their personalities nicely.

Plus, there's a sense that there's a bigger plan around here that is starting to unfold. Especially considering how complicated Barbara's life has gotten recently and how she seems to start having problems with her own head. It makes me want to see more of it.

Moritat and Eleondra Carlini handle the artwork this time and while their contribution certainly looks good and accurate for the style of the book, the storytelling is a bit messy at times since is kinda difficult to see what's happening.

Other than that, fun chapter. Let's see how the story progresses.

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