jueves, 21 de enero de 2016

Recommendations from the week January 20th 2016

In the following order:
  1. Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #2: It's simply charming.
  2. Transformers #49: One of the best issues so far.
  3. Batgirl #48: Quite fun.
  4. Silver Surfer #1: Promising new beginning.
  5. Ms. Marvel #3: Good despite of some nitpicks.
  6. Sinestro #19: Has a nice event feel.
  7. Harley Quinn #24: Quite gory, quite funny.
  8. Batman #48: Interesting dynamic but lacking in some aspects.
  9. Superman/Wonder Woman #25: From the Superman side it was pretty good.
  10. Doctor Fate #8: Slow plot progression but nice character work.
  11. Poison Ivy: Cyrcle of Life and Death #1: Okay but nothing really impressive.
No recommendations for Hercules because it was quite lacking in story and content, nor Titans Hunt because is still mediocre, nor Martian Manhunter because it was pretentious, nor Secret Six because it was pretty flawed, nor Wonder Woman because it was stupid.

Pretty good week however.

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