miércoles, 20 de enero de 2016

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #48

Wonder Woman will have to deal with a new kind of threat.

A scientist who calls herself Doctor Poison is ready to get revenge from the people who hurt her and is up to Diana to stop this from escalating.

Guess what? This is still pretty damn bad.

Meredith Finch brings a new chapter where she continues to develope Wonder Woman's rogues gallery which is fine, I can get behind the idea an intention but the execution is simply terrible. The way how Doctor Poison starts telling her own background in narration boxes is so cluncky that one can't help but wonder why she's suddenly delivering all the info in her head.

Worst of all, Diana is still characterized in a quite stupid way. She starts yelling to Doctor Poison instead of capturing her immediately, I supppose that Finch wanted to emphasize Diana's compasionate side but the only thing she achieves is making her look pretty dumb because she actually warned the villain and gave her enough time to prepare her attack.

David Finch is actually the best part of this issue since his characters are good looking and the action scenes are pretty detailed.

Seriously though, new creative team please. This is ridiculous.

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