miércoles, 13 de enero de 2016

Some thoughts about Catwoman #48

Catwoman will need to find who is after her before is too late.

Selina has been set-up for murder and now she will need to look for the people responsible which might turn out to be more dangerous than she anticipated.

I love how action packed the title is once again.

Frank Tieri brings a new chapter where he focuses on bringing back the excitement to Catwoman by creating a situation where Selina has little to no time to rest while meeting all the different characters she is familiar with.

One of the strongest aspects from this book is the dialogue. The author manages to deliver a lot of sharp, funny and energetic lines over the course of the issue that certainly fits for the style of the character. There are even some inside jokes when Selina dyes her hair blond and Tesla comments she looks like Michelle Pfeifer.

Speaking of which, the art contributes a lot for the entertainment. Inaki Miranda's style is simply beautiful and creates their own representations for all the characters appearing here including a Penguin who looks quite similar to the one from Tim Burton's Batman Returns.

Quite enjoyable issue, more like this please.

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