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Some thoughts about Gotham Academy #14

There's no better way to reminisce the good times than with a yearbook.

Olive and Maps start thinking about some of the most exciting, silly and strangest moments that they had during their course in Gotham Academy, even things that didn't happen to them.

This is one of the best things about this series, it can experiment with its own format.

Brenden Fletcher is in charge of the main segment where he creates the prelude for the cast to start remembering the things that happened outside of the main story and for prologue it works nicely in terms of characterization and humour. Adam Archer handles the art and is pretty solid although not particularly impressive.

The rest are short stories about what happened to some of them. The first one written by Derek Fridolfs and is simply a fun little tale where he mixes the supernatural with humour and silliness, it works well for what they're going for. Dustin Nguyen is in charge of the art and his cartoony and expressive style is quite appropriate.

The second tale is written and drawn by Katie Cook and is quite cute. The little story doesn't itself seriously at all and the chibi cartoony artstyle is perfect for it.

The final segment is written by Hope Larson and is actually focused on one of the teachers and how her past with a person in particular may play an important role in the future. The art by Kris Mukai is pretty reminiscent to Bryan O' Malley's style and is an interesting look for the story.

Overall, I would say I enjoyed all the stories the same and it presents a pretty fun chapter. Good job.

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