miércoles, 20 de enero de 2016

Some thoughts about Silver Surfer #1

The Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood are back to Earth but their problems are not over.

After a brief encounter with Dawn's family, both Norrin and Dawn will be forced to face a new cosmic threat that might get more personal than they expect.

This title returns and I'm happy to say that is as wonderful as usual.

Dan Slott opens a new chapter in the story of both Dawn and the Silver Surfer by pretty much continuing their same dynamic. As an opening issue it works solidly since it presents both characters while at the same time showing their backgrounds like the interaction between Dawn and her family and how everything has changed since she left. Of course, is even better if you read the last volume.

The plot progresses nicely with the author bringing a lot of content to the issue from the conversations between the characters to the amount of bizarre alien creatures that appear.

I immediately need to mention Mike Allred's contribution to the title and as usual, he's one of the best aspects of the book thanks to his creative style that makes every layout quite interesting to see and he even manages to include some of his own creations like Madman.

Promising new beginning, hope the next installment arrives soon.

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