miércoles, 13 de enero de 2016

Some thoughts about Starfire #8

Starfire and Dick Grayson's relationship might have changed but it could be for the better.

The past keeps coming for Kory but thanks to the help of her old friend, she will realize that she needs to start concentrating on her future instead.

This is probably one of the most charming chapters yet.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner bring a new chapter where they concentrate on the dynamic between Kory and Dick and how despite that they share a past, they prefer to not really focus on it and instead continue to look forward. This allows for both to be presented mostly as two persons who really understand and care for each other, and the characterization certainly reflects that, it feels like a pretty natural relationship between friends.

The rest of the cast also receive a nice moment being either between Sol and Rave or Atlee and Stella, they all present quite enjoyable scenes.

Emanuella Luppachino continues to impress on art duties with her gorgeous characters and strong storytelling skills.

Pretty entertaining issue, a quite lighthearted and fun read.

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