miércoles, 13 de enero de 2016

Some thoughts about Batman/Superman #28

Can Batman and Superman cooperate to face a threat that targets both of them?

There's a strange event happening over the universe that might be connected to Krypton while there's someone who wants Batman dead and both things might be related to one another.

This issue marks the start of Tom Taylor's little story in this series. After how derivative Greg Pak's run ended-up being mostly because of the Truth crossover, I was ready for any kind of change but still, is this is a worthy new direction?

I would say so.

I'm not sure if this story takes place before or after the events in Truth (most likely before though) but it focuses on an intriguing story that affects both protagonists equally. Taylor uses his ability to create strong moments from the beginning, the scene where Superman appears in front of the astronaut is quite memorable and delivers the presence the character requires.

The characterization is also pretty good with both Superman and Batman showing their differences immediately in a way you would expect which makes it predictable but still well-executed and on-point.

Robson Rocha handles the artwork and is pretty solid with nice character models and storytelling skills.

Interesting beginning, more interesting than the last few issues of the series actually.

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