miércoles, 20 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about New Challengers #2

Who are the Challengers of the Unknown?

The New Challengers are fighting for their lives while at the same learning about why they are in this situation in the first place and the answers are just making things more complicated.

This series continues to exceed expectations.

Scott Snyder and Aaron Gillespie bring a new chapter where they focus more on the backgrounds of some of the characters. Moses' story is really interesting since it explores his own past, personality and how all of that is connected to the whole organization he has just been involved with. The idea of challenging the unknown is brought back once again and manages to fit with Moses' character appropriately.

The ideas that are injected here are also pretty solid and are a nice suit for the theme of the original team considering they were created around the Silver Age which included many monstrous creatures and aliens so them fighting giant undersea beings is just adequate. Plus, the mystery around their new job continues to be revealed and escalates solidly towards a surprising end that makes you question everything.

Andy Kubert handles the art and his work is quite decent thanks to his good storytelling and expressive characters.

Good read, probably one of the best this week.

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