miércoles, 6 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about Green Lanterns #48

Can Jessica Cruz handle a solo mission?

Jessica has been forced into a strange course of events that has put her against the Green Lantern Corps and even her own partner.

A fill-in arc but one that is pretty interesting so far.

Newcomer Aaron Gillespie a mystery story about what happened to Jessica Cruz and why she's handling this kind of mission on her own. The characterization is pretty solid due that the writer explores her anxiety in a pretty realistic way and one that is connected to the plot as well while also portraying her as pretty competent no matter the dangerous circunstances and creating a good dynamic between the rest of the cast and her.

Gillespie also reintroduces a few characters from Tim Seeley's early stories and they're given a solid role that expands upon their first appearances. The plot continues to escalate decently in a way that doesn't offer many answers but still creates a solid set-up for the conflict that is about to happen at the end and is really the best way to finish the issue.

Ronan Cliquet handles the art and is quite vibrant, full of expressive characters and strong action scenes.

Intriguing beginning, hope the following issue gets more revelations.

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