miércoles, 20 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #14

The attacks continue.

John Lynch is still looking for his old team members while a homeless man is trying to figure out who he truly is.

Well, there's more progress at least.

Warren Ellis offers a new installment where he focuses on multiple segments at the same time. Opening with an action-packed section about Zealot prepares us for the upcoming conflict is going to happen but the true higlight is the conversation between John Lynch and Alex Fairchild which developes more of both and shows what happens when a metahuman tries to live a normal life in this universe, is a pretty realistic and mature take and presents interesting plot-points for the future.

The other segments do a solid job, particularly the ones focusing on Jack Hawksmoor who is trying to learn more about himself, Henry Bendix appearance always makes things better as well and the overall increase of superpowered beings makes the story more exciting.

Jon Davis-Hunt's artwork continues to make the script even better thanks to his great storytelling and detailed style.

Good read, hope the book keeps this pace.

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