miércoles, 6 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about Man of Steel #2

Something is going terrible in Superman's life.

Clark is fighting supervillains as usual but his friends are starting to notice something strange in his behavior, something that might be connected to the dangerous being who is coming after him.

This story continues and I'm pleasently surprised by it.

Brian Bendis delivers another chapter where he focuses on solid characterization and entertaining moments. The dialogue is fortunately pretty good, many people including myself, had complaints about Bendis' usual ticks concerning dialogue but here the characters speak in a pretty natural way and the best part is that Bendis gets his comedic side here to provide genuinely funny lines that fit into the story and characters perfectly. There are even a few cool easter eggs here like how Steve Lombard and Ron Troupe are arguing in the background.

The superheroic segments are also well-executed when Bendis focuses on classic villains like Toyman while also including characters like Hal Jordan into the mix which turns into a pretty enjoyable fight. The least interesting parts are still the ones focusing on this new direction that Bendis is trying to force concerning the new villain and I wish there was more scenes dedicated to the Daily Planet which were by far the best but alas.

Doc Shaner, Steve Rude and Jason Fabok handle the art and they do a great jop during their respective scenes, big fan of how Shaner depicted the story in the early pages.

Good read, hope it continues this way.

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