miércoles, 6 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about Justice League #1

A new era begins for the Justice League but so does for other terrible groups.

Vandal Savage is preparing an attack in grand scale for the whole planet and is up to the world's greatest heroes to stop him no matter what but what they don't know if that there's someone else behind pulling the strings.

And here we are. The beginning of the New Justice line appropriately with the most important title in DC Comics. As you might remember, the event No Justice left a lot to be desired for me and while this first issue shares some of the same faults, it still presents interesting concepts to be engaged.

For one, I do like the dynamic that Scott Snyder has created for the team due that they speak to each other as friends who are used to make jokes about each other even during the worst situations (Mind you, I wish that the jokes weren't centered around Batman since he receives way too much attention already and makes Snyder look a little obsessed with him). The premise seems solid since it seems to be heavily based on the Multiverse which makes sense considering the events of Metal and how the JL should deal with threats of this scope. The story presents a few interesting twists which were set-up during previous crossovers and they're finally being revealed in both classic and new ways while also planting the seeds for new storylines. Again, all of this seems like the right direction for the book.

That being said, it still suffers from some of the classic Snyder issues that were present in his other events. The narration is way too overwritten at times, telling more than it should and not letting anything to the imagination which is particularly clear due to the third person narration which seems out of place and heavyhanded.

Jim Cheung handles the art and is really good looking with beautiful characters, strong action scenes and precise storytelling that is able to pack a lot of content in every panel. A fitting choice for a book as important as this.

Not perfect but still intriguing enough, let's see how it goes.

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