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Some thoughts about Plastic Man #1

Plastic Man is back in action.

Eel O' Brian died once or at least that's what most people think and now that his old partners are starting to have trouble, Eel will have to decide if he wants to help them despite that they're criminals.

This is pretty much a perfect beginning for a character as crazy as Plastic Man.

Gail Simone was chosen to revive the hero after many failed attempts in recent years. Strangely enough, this doesn't have a lot of connection to what happened in Metal nor to Geoff Johns' reinvention during his Justice League run, this can pretty much be considered a stand-alone story that puts Eel in a new status quo and is a pretty interesting one as a whole.

Simone was a pretty solid choice as a whole despite that I had my complaints about some of her work in past years. She's a really funny writer and can create genuinely comedic lines and situations (as long as she doesn't go overboard) and this really emphasized here thanks to the many hilarious events that are not taken seriously at all despite that the beginning might make you think otherwise. The dialogue works surprisingly well too, particularly when is focuses on Eel's sense of humour and the personality he injects in every panel.

That's not to say that this is just laughs since the writer also explores an interesting side of the character like how his past as a criminal influences the relationships he has and how it can frustrate his future. Plus, there's an interesting mystery being developed and hopefully will become more intriguing in upcoming issues.

Adriana Melo handles the artwork and is really good looking thanks to the clean style, expressive characters and fluid storytelling that gets the best from every scene.

Pretty promising overall, better than expected actually.

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