miércoles, 27 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about The Terrifics #5

Could this be the end of The Terrifics?

The team is trying to deal with their own personal problems for once but there won't be enough time since a threat connected to Metamorpho could destroy them all.

This felt like a classic Silver Age story in the best way.

Jeff Lemire offers a new installment where he explores what happens to all these characters in their own lives. I think this is a nice change of pace considering that they've been depicted mostly as a team so far and we haven't seen enough personal moments until now. Here we see Mister Terrific's feelings probably concerning his wife, feelings that he tends to ignore to focus on his work instead which is a pretty believable and appropriate characterization, the way how Plastic Man's family issues is also deal with in an understandable manner while Rex's conflict with his own humanity is simply classic.

Plus, the team continues to handle crazy sci-fi threats in the form of a horde of elemental beings which brings memories of superhero stories from the 60s, particularly from the Fantastic Four which is once again, pretty appropriate.

Doc Shaner continues to shine in art duties thanks to his beautiful characters and precise storytelling that makes every panel even better.

Great read, hope to see more like this.

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