miércoles, 27 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #47

How will the Darkstars be stopped?

Arkillo is trying to force some reason into Guy and Hal is trying to recover the memories that Hector Hammond is trying to block from him.

Once again, pretty good developments.

Robert Venditti offers a new installment where he continues to focus on character growth and plot progression. The portrayals of all the members of the cast are pretty solid, particularly the fight between Arkillo and Guy which is a nice resolution from their early encounters and creates an adequate way for Guy to escape the manipulation of the Darkstars. Something similar happens to Hal who is forced to relive his memories to escape Hector Hammond's powers and also brings back a lot of key moments from this run.

The story moves at a nice pace as well due that all these character moments also offer important information about what's happening like how the Darkstars suits do influence their owners and how all of these events have been escalating towards the inevitable conflict.

Fernando Pasarin handles the art and is quite good thanks to his detailed characters and clear storytelling.

Great read, hope the next one offers even more of this.

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