miércoles, 13 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about Mister Miracle #9

There's no escape from Darkseid.

Kalibak has arrived to negotiate the new terms between Apokolips and New Genesis and despite that Scott might think he can win this argument, there are still a terrible and unexpected twist for him.

This series takes a while to be released every time but I actually think is worth the wait.

Tom King offers a new installment where he plays another completely different theme. This time the story is centered around the agreement that Scott and Kalibak have to come to and really. that's a pretty interesting premise in and of itself. The contrast between such a bureaucratic proccess and the whole brutal setting in which that needs to happen is constantly brought and makes the entire situation even more tense in a way that escalates strongly to the surprising ending that puts everything that has happened so far in perspective.

The character work remains great, especially when is centered around the relationship between Scott and Barda as usual. However, other characters like Kalibak have their time to shine as well like in the appropriate moments where his status as the ignored son of Darkseid is addressed and even in the little scenes where he has to wear glasses to read.

Mitch Gerards remains in art duties and his work is still fantastic by being able to carry the whole plot simply with his storytelling and expressive characters.

Great read, hope the next one doesn't take too long.

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