miércoles, 13 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about New Super-Man & the Justice League of China #24

Is this the end of the Justice League of China?

Kenan is decided to help I-Ching escape from the Realm of Ghosts but he will have to understand that sometimes things need to stay the way they are.

This title has come to an end and while I had some complaints, this still was a pretty good book as a whole.

Gene Luen Yang closes the door on these characters (for now at least) by bringing good resolutions for most of them. The way how the mythos that have been developed in this book since the beginning are connected to the plot is pretty logical and manages to explore a new aspect of this side of the DCU while creating good characterization for the whole team by showing some of their worst fears which is a pretty typical trope but it works fine considering their respective stories.

Best of all is how the whole theme of accepting things the way they are is implemented. I mean, the whole idea that the book has been taking until now was about Kenan becoming the best person he can be which doesn't necessarily mean that he has to be perfect and that is emphasized here in really appropriate ways. Kenan is not perfect, he used to be really bad but has gotten much better because he wants to and sometimes that's enough.

Brent Peeples remains in art duties and sadly his work is still the weak link but at least his storytelling is adequate and even manages to create a good homage to the New 52 Justice League at the end.

Overall, a solid finale for a solid series. Well done.

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