miércoles, 13 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #48

How can Jason face the Dark Gods alone?

Diana has been summoned by the Star Sapphires and now Jason will have to deal with the attack on Earth but he might not be enough to stop them.

Jesus, not a lot to like here.

James Robinson is playing with the abrupt interruption he created by himself with Diana leaving the fight to go to space and now is focusing on Jason... who barely does anything. I mean, yes, he's portrayed decently enough by saving people and helping Supergirl but at the same time he doesn't do much beyond that and needs the help of the Justice League to control the situation until Diana arrives.

Worst of all, is that this is incredibly derivative. Is probably one of the most by the numbers issues that I've read this week where is just the heroes fighting against the big bad villains without anything distinctive whatsoever. Not even the characterization is appealing enough and the dialogue can be off as usual.

Jesus Merino's art is serviceable as predictable but is also not that good looking, although he follows the script decently.

Just end this already please.

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