domingo, 10 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about The Curse of Brimstone #3

The curse has fallen on the whole town.

The Salesman made Joe's wish of making his home famous true but the price was too high and now he's going to lose even more.

This series continues and while there's not much plot progression, it compensates it with everything else.

Justin Jordan arrives with a new chapter where he focuses on character work and powerful scenes. the dynamic between Joe and his family continues to be the highlight thanks to the strong bond all of them share which is particularly obvious thanks to the natural dialogue they have during the course of the story (despite of how unnatural the situation they're facing is) and how sympathetic they all are. Even Joe's father who initially appeared like a bitter old man, showed really understandable and likable moments that escalate emotionally towards the end.

Best of all, is that I'm loving incredibly unique this book is compared to the rest of the line. While most of the other Metal spinoffs ended-up being pure superhero books, this one feels mostly like an horror indie title, one that doesn't really have a strong connection to the DCU and for that reason it works much better as a standalone story. The premise is intriguing, the concepts are inventive and the mystery around these strange being who appeared in Joe's town continues to be interesting.

Phillip Tan's artwork is still not the best due to his rough style but in perspective, I think it's fine for this particular series due that is not really a typical comic book and in that regard you can start appreciating his work in a more horror-oriented direction.

Good read, hope it continues this way.

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