miércoles, 27 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about Moon Knight #196

The Collective needs Moon Knight's help.

Marc has entered into a dimension where multiple personalities are reunited and need somebody to control, or at least that's what they want them to believe.

Okay, this conclusion worked a bit better than expected.

Max Bemis continues to explore the idea of The Collective as an organization that reunites different people and minds in more ways than one could imagine. The idea itself is pretty creative and allows for a solid exploration of Marc's multiple personalities and creates a few interesting conflicts that could happen inside of someone's mind including the different issues and insecurities people have.

I believe Bemis uses this as an opportunity to criticize other people as well which is based on the multiple flaws that appear in The Collective's Unconscious but at the same time, Bemis shares his disdain for arrogant people who believe are above others and have the right to judge and control them which I believe makes the story more self-aware than one would initially think. I can definitely appreciate the effort here.

Paul Davidson handles the art and is pretty solid, particularly when he handles some of the most bizarre elements and creatures of this setting which delivers really inventive panels.

Good issue, hope the developments I want are eventually explored though.

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