miércoles, 13 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about Sideways #5

Can Sideways defeat a new kind of enemy?

The Showman has appeared and is ready to weaponize people hate against Derek unless his best friend does something about it.

This series continues and while it doesn't have the same artist, it still continues to be pretty solid aside from some issues.

Justin Jordan goes solo here and delivers good character work and dynamics. The relationships between the characters continue to be the highlight of the series thanks to the natural dialogue and conversations the cast have which makes them much more understandable, particularly whenever Derek has a conversation with Ernie and his mom. Really good character work overall.

Things start getting a bit messy when the Showman is introduced though which is an interesting idea that gets a bit heavyhanded. He's supposed to be a supertroll who uses people hates against Sideways to gain power which is not a bad premise per se but gets pretty repetitive when the word "troll" keeps being brought over and over. Add the constant Trump comparisons and well, things don't get much better.

Robert Gill replaces Keneth Rocafort and he does a pretty good job as a whole thanks to the expressive characters and clear storytelling.

Good despite of a few problems. Hope the next one offers a better villain though.

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