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Some thoughts about Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Red Hood Vs. Anarky #1

Can Red Hood defeat Anarky and finally make his father happy?

Jason has been hired by Bruce to keep Selina safe but what he doesn't know is that Anarky is decided to ruin everything.

This is actually a pretty interesting idea.

Tim Seeley brings another tie-in where he explores the idea of Anarky and how that connects him to someone like Jason. Seeley brings his own spin to the character of Red Hood including his career as a mercenary and especially his relationship with Bruce and how deep inside he just wants to make him happy despite that he might say otherwise. This is especially apparent once that he gets a really personal talk with Anarky and how both have more similarities than he expected.

Seeley goes pretty political here which is understandable considering the villain he's handling and while at times it gets a bit heavyhanded, he gets the job done. The idea about how Anarky doesn't really want to impose his beliefs as much as he wants to make others suffer just because he's suffering makes a lot of sense to me and manages to be pretty relevant in this day and age. At first I thought that Seeley was going to completely favor a particular side but fortunately he manages to find the balance for this kind of story nicely.

Javier Fernandez handles the art and he's really good thanks to his clear storytelling that gets the best from the script.

Good read once again, can't wait for the next one.

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