miércoles, 20 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about Cave Carson has an Interstellar Eye #4

Is time for Cave Carson to recognize his mistakes.

Cave can't help but reminisce all the different adventures he had over the years and how many of them have marked his road up to this point.

This worked pretty well from a character point I believe.

Jon Rivera offers a new installment where he focuses on interesting ideas and development for the protagonist. In terms of concepts, the classic sci-fi themes continues to be prominent thanks to the appearance of different alien races from both the past and the present and they're connected to the current story in a pretty logical way and gives a lot of personality to the whole journey.

Where the issue truly shines for me though, is the character work as usual. Rivera explores how the sacrifice of Cave's old teammate, Bully has affected Cave all these years and how it has influenced his behavior all this time. The idea of someone not recognizing his mistakes just so they can avoid the blame and being hurt is really understandable and I believe many people can sympathize with it just like with Cave's willingness to be better with his team and family. This is also connected to the plot appropriately.

Michael Avon Oeming handles the art and is once again, really creative thanks to the inventive panel layout and flexible style.

There's a second segment once again about Cave's podcast that also explores the aftermath of Bully's disappearance which gives us a better insight of the protagonist's thoughts. Paul Maybury's art remains simple yet effective.

Good stuff, hope we see more issues like this.

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