miércoles, 27 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Harley Quinn Vs. Joker #1

Somebody needs to stop the Joker and nobody is more appropriate than Harley.

Harley is decided to end the Joker's plans to ruin Batman's wedding but what she doesn't know is that everything might be in his plans.

These tie-ins have come to an end and once again, Tim Seeley made the best from a bad situation.

The premise of this little story is something pretty typical and expected, is a classic Harley Vs. Joker encounter where she shows that she's over him and he doesn't have power over her anymore. That being said, Seeley still presents a few interesting ideas since this is not really a battle of strength but more of a battle of wits where both try to outsmart the other in classic Joker traps and twists which makes this whole situation more entertaining as a whole.

The characterization is also appropriate as well due that both show compelling moments that reflect their personality nicely while also exploring their dynamic in a pretty deep way demonstrating how strong their connection still is despite that both don't really love each other which is on-point considering everything that has happened between the two.

Sami Basri handles the art and I've been missing his work for a long time. The style is beautiful with a semi-cartoony look that creates really expressive characters and clear storytelling. I wish he would return to Power Girl.

Good read overall, sad we're back to King's run now.

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