miércoles, 20 de junio de 2018

Some thoughts about Justice League #2

The Justice League might be doomed.

The team is trying to recruit new members but what they don't know is that Lex Luthor has the same idea in mind.

This book continues and while is a little better than the last one, it still has some of the same flaws.

Scott Snyder delivers a new installment where he focuses on solid ideas and characterization. The concepts that are explored here are really interesting, a few are new ones that are connected to the classic mythos of the DCU and they're given a logical direction which is not particularly creative mind you (particularly the whole "Ultraviolet Corps" because the Green Lantern mythos sure needed another of those) but they get the job done and force the cast into entertaining situations.

The conversations between the characters are also surprisingly solid. The main cast refer to each other as old friends which is something that is not that explored in this series weirdly enough, their lines allow for a few fun moments and manage to depict their personalities really well. Even the villains receive this treatment, especially Lex Luthor whose personality truly shines in every page.

The thing is that the third person narration is still quite out of place and breaks what could have been a perfectly solid read. It just doesn't connect with the story that well and feels like this could have been delivered by an actual character.

Jorge Jimenez' pencils are beautiful, probably the best artwork I've seen in this book so far thanks to expressive characters and kinetic style that is simply perfect for the story.

Good but for the love of God, get rid of that narration.

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