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Some thoughts about The Snagglepuss Chronicles #6

The show is over.

Snagglepuss has spent his whole life trying to fit in a world that constantly rejects him but now he will realize that all his efforts weren't for nothing.

Here it is the conclusion of yet another brilliant story by Mark Rusell. While I wasn't as impressed as I hoped for at the beginning (particularly after being amazed by Russell's The Flintstones), this series continually improved to the point that it quickly became one of my favorites and this issue is a clear proof of that.

Rusell delivers a pretty melancholic finale for the characters, one that makes things go full circle and even offers some revelations concerning Snagglepuss' origins and the relationship he had with his father which marked his outlook in life and the whole theme of this story. It was pretty interesting to see even some of the supporting cast getting a well-deserved resolution which allows for a ray of hope among the depressing tone.

That's the thing, Russell offers a positive result despite of all the tragedy the characters had to endure, one that demonstrates that the future is worth fighting for and despite of all the bad moments that life can bring, there can always be a happy ending as long as one is willing to go on. While Russell's work is often credited for his political satire (and this issue has a bit of it), I've always felt that his stories shine the most when he concentrates on the human side of them by exploring what makes people complex, relatable and sympathetic.

Oh, and the ending is actually connected to the classic cartoons interestingly enough.

Mike Feehan's artwork continues to shine at mixing the anthropomorphic characters and human perfectly while showcasing their expressions appropriately.

There's once again another segment about Sasquatch Detective by Brandee Stillwell and is fun enough again but also pales in comparison to the main story and doesn't even bring an interesting conclusion for this particular character. Gus Vasquez' artwork is really good though.

Great conclusion, great series. Looking forward to the next project.

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