miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Trinity #22

The Search for Steve Trevor has come to an end.

Deimos has transformer Steve into a monster and Diana and her friends will have to help him to regain his humanity.

This story and book are over and I guess this is an appropriate enough conclusion.

James Robinson delivers the final chapter between the Trinity and Deimos in a way that makes sense overall. Diana making Steve remember who he is is pretty predictable but at least is logical and the manner how Superman and Batman make Deimos reveal his whole plan is quite cliche no matter how much Robinson makes fun of such but I admit that made me laugh a bit.

The thing is that is a rather unremarkable way to end a book that had a lot of potential at the beginning, particularly during Francis Manapul's run. Even Robinson's beginning showed a lot of hope, unfortunately the story quickly devolved into dull chapters where barely anything happened and come to finale that is understandable but not particularly satisfying.

Patrick Zircher handles the art and the most impressive part of the issue thanks to the imposing characters and good storytelling.

This is not bad, is appropriate as I said but is far from being an actual good ending. Readable at least.

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