sábado, 21 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Batman: Creature of the Night #3

Who or what is the creature of the night?

Bruce has been trying to use his new friend for good but the realization of how he might be could change everything.

Well, this issue did give an interesting twist.

Kurt Busiek offers the penultimate chapter of this story by delivering a compelling revelation about the whole premise. The characterization is pretty solid thanks to the realistic development that Bruce suffers over the course of the story, trying to figure out who is the ghost who has been helping him all this time while the explanation behind even explores classic and obscure Batman ideas like how Bruce might have had a brother at some point which considering Busiek's knowledge of comics might be on purpose.

Plus, the plot also creates a strong dilemma for the protagonist due to the nature that is indeed not a comic book and sometimes things don't work in normal life as in superhero stories. The polished writing style emphasizes the idea even more and challenges different aspects of Bruce's morals and plans which ultimately leads to a quite exciting cliffhanger.

John Paul Lemon continues to shine in art duties and his work is perfect when it mixes classic Batman artstyles with the more realistic paintings he does.

Solid installment, expecting the best from the conclusion.

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