jueves, 5 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about The Snagglepuss Chronicles #4

Snagglepuss will have to put his life in order.

The famous plawright is not the only one who has been living a lie since many people around him are following his example.

Once again, this book shines when it developes strong human aspects.

Mark Russell offers a new installment where he focuses mostly on character work and social commentary. This time the time in which the story takes place is not as important as the people who live in it, the way how the relationships between the characters and how complex they can be is deeply explored showing how different and yet how similar their situations are.

These situations are mostly based on the sexuality of the characters. Russell is creating a book where most of the cast is Queer and fortunately the way how their experiences are shown is pretty realistic. This is especially obvious in the way how Snagglepuss has to make his fake wife happy while also spending time with his boyfriend which is quite an interesting predicament and I'm glad that it was handled in a satisfying way (much better than other examples I could mention like the Netflix show Sense8). This is also evident in how Huckleberry Hound is portrayed and the problems he has to face now that he's dating an officer who is still in the closet which provides some of the most dramatic scenes in the issue.

Mike Feehan's artwork is also quite good at mixing the strange creatures and normal human beings that inhabit this story.

Sadly, Brandee Stillwell's Sasquatch Detective continues to fail to impress with a pretty bland story that is hardly worth mentioning, not even Wonder Woman's short and random cameo can make it memorable. Gus Vasquez' art is pretty good though.

Good read overall, hope to see more of this style.

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