miércoles, 18 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #42

What is the future of Harley Quinn?

Everything has gone to hell after Harley left home and 30 years later she's ready to make everything right.

Well, this works fine enough as an one-shot story.

Frank Tieri implements the trendy direction of a dystopian future from the best selling story Old Man Logan to give us Old Lady Harley which is admitedly a pretty fun name and premise. In fact that premise is exploited appropriately by showing how all the characters have changed over the years while introducing different elements like mutants and other creatures based on Batcharacters.

The characterization is pretty solid for the most part and I'm glad that the writer used most of the cast from Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner's run in bizarre ways which is pretty adequate considering the setting. The humour is also fitting based on the tone of the book.

Mauricet's artwork is always perfect for this series thanks to the great expressions and semi-cartoony style.

Decent read, wouldn't mind more like this.

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