miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about The Terrifics #3

The Terrifics will stay together no matter if they want it or not.

After learning that the events of the Dark Multiverse have made them unable to be apart, the team will have to deal with all the threats that involve them including a mystery that could destroy them all.

I actually think this series is coming together at this point.

Jeff Lemire arrives with a new installment where he once again focuses on team dynamics while also progressing a bit of the plot. The character work is pretty solid due to how entertaining the interactions between the cast is, I'm starting to dig the portrayal that Mister Terrific is getting, particularly the cold and distant personality he's receiving which actually fits the sort of Mister Fantastic role he's getting in this book while other characters like Metamorpho get solid development and Plastic Man serves as comic relief to contrast it all.

And the story is being developed as well, mostly thanks to a few segments that show where the title is going in the future involving interesting twists concerning the characters. Mind you, this might seem pretty much what happened in the last couple of issue but here is all better executed thanks to more engaging conversations and more compelling events.

Joe Bennett handles the art and he's a pretty good replacement for Ivan Reis due that he does his best to mimic Reis' style and follows it perfectly with beautiful characters and a vibrant look.

Solid read, hope things continue this way.

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