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Some thoughts about Immortal Men #1

New heroes are being born.

Caden has been having strange dreams lately and those dream might connect him to a race of immortal men who need to save the world.

A new Metal spinoff begins. Just like I've mentioned before, the whole line-up post-Metal has its ups and downs and I think I'm starting to see the problem with the book in question.

Since the beginning, the Metal spinoffs were advertised as a complete collaboration between writers and artists which means that the pencillers have more control in what's happening in the story. This comes sadly with its own disadvantages in series like Damage since while Robert Venditti is a solid writer, Tony Daniel has shown that his writing skills are pretty weak and he concentrates more on the spectacle rather than telling a compelling plot which is one of the reasons why Damage keeps lacking in content and focuses on mindless action. Something similar happens with The Silencer due that JRJR also has a similar vision as Daniel's and the only thing that saves it is Dan Abnett's solid premise. Sideways fares much better since Keneth Rocafort is a quite inventive penciller which complement Dan Didio's ideas and Justin Jordan's snappy dialogue perfectly.

Where am I going with this? Well, what were you expecting from a collaboration between Jim Lee and James Frikking Tynion IV?

Jim Lee's artwork looks fine as cool images but his storytelling and creativity is not the best which makes this series have good looking supernatural scenes but also lacking in the most personal character moments, not to mention that his designs for the protagonists is pretty much what you expect from a typical superhero artist trying to handle mystical concepts and doesn't make them look much different from 90s edgy heroes (think Spawn and the likes).

That's without mentioning Tynion's involvement which makes things even worse. The third person narration he implements doesn't flow well with the rest of the story and seems pretty out of place and overwrought, it doesn't make the plot more interesting and at times it makes even duller. I know I said that this was an interesting premise after hearing about it but of course, the execution is what kills it.

Not sure if I will continue with this. I honestly think this is the worst example of what this line could offer.

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