miércoles, 18 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Batwoman #14

The Kane sisters will have to fight once again.

Beth is being manipulated into becoming Alice once again and Kate won't have any other choice but stop her.

Yes, this boring story continues and I continue to wonder why am still here.

Marguerite Bennett offers a new installment where she focuses on the conflict between Batwoman and Alice and to be fair, this works much better than previous stories. The reason why is because Bennett finally explores actual interesting points of Kate's history which are reminiscent of her original stories. Mind you, I'm also pretty tired of Beth being villain, and in this case is even worse since she's being manipulated and therefore makes her weak in terms of character, but at least reminds me of better stories.

That being said, I seriously can't wait until the characters from that forgettable island are completely gone since every time they appear here I wonder what is the point since they offer very little of interest in the whole story. I just hope Beth kills them.

Fernando Blanco's artwork is the saving grace thanks to his beautiful and creative storytelling.

Other than that, not really impressive. Just end already.

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