miércoles, 4 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Runaways #8

Can the Runaways fight one of the most dangerous villains in the planet?

Karolina is ready to introduce her girlfriend to her family but that won't last long since Doctor Doom is coming for Victor.

This story continues and is still pretty enjoyable.

Rainbow Rowell delivers a new chapter where she focuses on character dynamics and fun action. I've to be completely honest here, I totally forgot that Karolina was dating Lightspeed and I don't understand why, I remember enjoying their relationship in Avengers Academy, I suppose that I assumed that they broke up considering how things happen in the Marvel universe. The interactions between the two remains pretty entertaining and it actually makes me realize that I prefer them together instead of Nico and Karolina becoming a couple just because they're one in the current Hulu show, as I mentioned before, Nico and Karolina have too much bad history to work well.

The plot itself works solidly thanks to the multiple plot-points that are being developed here including the sudden appearance of Doctor Doom which automatically brings a new level of threat to the book. The highlight are the conversations between the cast though and I wouldn't mind having more issues dedicated solely to that.

Kria Anka remains in art duties and his work is still beautiful thanks to the wonderful character models and clear storytelling.

Pretty enjoyable read, hope the next one arrives soon.

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