miércoles, 11 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Titans #22

The Titans need to save the world.

The Justice League still don't trust their protegees and this is the worst time possible since The Brain is going to destroy them all.

As usual, some things worked, others didn't.

Dan Abnett delivers a new chapter about the disband of this team by creating an interesting threat. The Brain becoming a much more powerful adversary is a pretty interesting idea and him targeting the Justice League also makes sense in that regard. Not to mention that his relationship with Monsier Mallah continues to be solidly portrayed based on their histories.

A few problems though, I really dislike how patronizing the JL is towards the Titans, particularly Batman who acts even more like a jerk who treats them like children who don't know any better. This is clearly to make the JL trust the Titans at the end but I don't think is worth this whole bad characterization.

Paul Pelletier handles the art and is wonderful thanks to his beautiful characters and clear style. Wish he would draw Justice League at some point.

Decent at best, hope the following one is better.

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