miércoles, 4 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Batman: White Knight #7

Can the Joker and Batman work together?

Jack is starting to lose control and that might be the best course of action since Neo Joker needs to be stopped by the old one.

This story is about to conclude and everything is escalating perfectly.

Sean Murphy delivers a new chapter where he continues to explore the complex scenarios he has been developing all this time. The nature of the Joker and his rise to power is depicted in a pretty compelling way by showing that Jack's means were not as moral as he thought which allows for a much better contrast to Bruce, about how this is not really a story about a good Joker and an evil Batman but instead about two individuals that commited mistakes over their lives.

Speaking of Bruce, he starts to show more sympathetic scenes that explain more of his motivations and actions while also reconciling his relationship with his family. Again, this creates another contrast with the Joker about how now they're at the same level.

Murphy's artwork continues to be immensely on-point thanks to his beautiful gothic style and great storytelling that depicts all the scenes perfectly.

Great read, hope the conclusion is worthy.

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