miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #19

The Teen Titans need to stay together.

Beast Boy has been brainwashed by his new friends and is up to Robin and the rest of the team to show him who really care about him.

A pretty fitting conclusion overall.

Ben Percy offers the final chapter of his story and run by playing with a few themes that he created at the beginning. It was good to see the antagonist confronting Damian about how he kidnapped the whole team and forced them to join him which is actually a pretty valid point, one that was ignored for far too long and I'm glad is finally being addressed. The good thing is that Damian recognizes his mistakes and mentions that he learned to do better which is a satisfying development overall.

The issue also plays with the theme of how friends need to stay together no matter what which is pretty basic and predictable but gets the job done. I have a few problems since considering this is the end of the book, I wish the story was about the whole team and not mostly focusing on Beast Boy but again, is serviceable.

Scot Eaton handles the art and is really solid thanks to the clean style and good character models.

Decent finale overall. This was probably one of the most solid Teen Titans runs in a while admitedly which is something that I wasn't expecting after being so underwhelmed by Percy's Green Arrow work but he did good here.

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