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Some thoughts about Moon Knight #194

Moon Knight's early days affect his future once again.

Marc can't help but remember what happened during his childhood and how it could be connected to his newly-found family.

This is actually an interesting take on Marc's past.

Max Bemis offers a new installment where he focuses on the origin of Moon Knight but not the classic one. I think this works for the better since Jeff Lemire already wrote the definitive interpretation of the birth of Moon Knight and so Bemis decides to go for another angle based on Marc's childhood including his Jewish background, this is actually something that Lemire teased but didn't fully explore and Bemis does a pretty solid job to create an interesting environment that reveals more about the culture surrounding the protagonist.

This being Bemis though, of course includes a pretty dark twist and seems kinda unnecessary at first since I feel the story worked well enough as it was but this will most certainly play an important role in the future. Most importantly, Bemis also explores Marc's mental illness in a way that is connected to Lemire's origin since it apparently also affected his father and could affect his recently-found daughter which is a pretty logical direction. Mind you, Bemis is a bit softer talking about this issue than Lemire and so feels less honest but it still works well enough.

I wish that Bemis would address the problem of Jake sleeping with Marlene which still seems quite rapey concerning Marc.

Ty Templeton handles the art and works quite well thanks to the expressive characters and strong storytelling.

Good read overall, hope for more development in the future.

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