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Some thoughts about Titans Annual #2

The Titans will need to save the world together.

The Brain is reaching the status of a God and Monsieur Mallah requires the help of his enemies to save the love of his life.

This storyline and title officially end and to be honest, is a satisfying conclusion despite of the known problems.

Dan Abnett brings the conclusion of his work here with a premise that works well as Titans tale... and a love story. The characterization for the team is pretty solid due that all of them recognize their past mistakes and show how much they care for one another by supporting each other during the fight. There are also some really cool fight scenes, particularly a quite badass moment when Donna is attacked.

Most importantly though, I believe that this is one of the strongest representations of the relationship between The Brain and Monsieur Mallah. I really detested how they were portrayed during the last Young Monsters in Love Special since they were given compassion for the mere fact that they were a Queer couple. Here however, their relationship is treated with far more complexity by showing how much Mallah cares for The Brain in a way that makes him sympathetic and understandable. Mind you, here is a bit of an one-sided deal but is justified because of the current situation that The Brain is facing and still offers powerful moments concerning their dynamic. A pretty good execution overall.

Tom Grummett and Tom Derenick share the pencils and their work is decent overall with Derenick's being the strongest.

Solid issue. This run had pretty unremarkable stories and was a waste of potential as a whole but at least offered a good send-off for this team.

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